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Welcome to perseverance! Perseverance marketing firm is a company that was founded back in July 2013 by Antoine Stewart (current CEO). The company has had tremendous success throughout the years and in 2017, formed a partnership with fortune 500 insurance companies. Antoine was the first Agent to partner up in the state of Massachusetts and within a year, contributed to developing a team of over 120 agents. Of those Agents, leaders emerged. 

Perseverance is a company with unique goals. We aspire to raise awareness to entrepreneurship, financial literacy, retirement planning, marketing, business management, leadership tactics and much more. Our team consists of agents all coming from different company backgrounds. 

Through our partnership with the Insurance companies  and our Licensing and Contracting with multiple marketing carriers, we aim to educate families and protect communities all around the globe. 

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Looking for a new career path or another stream of income? Contact our team to schedule an interview so we can see if our goals align.  

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